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MuleSoft Message Processors (Event Processors) Types

MuleSoft Integration AnyPoint Platform is widely used popular ESB which is used to integrate different types of systems & applications with its API-Led Connectivity approach and tons of enterprise features. The information that flows in these integration services is in the form of MuleSoft Messages containing message payloads and message headers and additional properties. MuleSoft… Read More »

MuleSoft Java Module Tutorial : How to Invoke Java Methods

MuleSoft Java Module provides a set of operations which can be used to invoke methods from Java Classes in a very efficient and convenient manner. In this MuleSoft Java Module Tutorial, we will cover all available operations of this Java Module and you will learn how to invoke Static or Non-Static methods from a custom… Read More »

MuleSoft MUnit Tutorial: Mule 4 Test Recorder Unit Testing

Unit Testing is always a crucial and critical part of implementation of any integration projects to ensure that all components are working as desired. Unit testing is performed by the development team during the implementation phase to verify and validate behaviour of application components. For MuleSoft applications involving Mule 4 message flows, unit testing is… Read More »

Mule 4 Secure Properties: How to Secure Global properties Configurations in MuleSoft Mule 4

While working with Global Configurations in Mule 4, configurable properties can be decoupled/isolated using Configuration Properties files (either .properties or .yaml files) instead of hard coding those properties. Using configuration Properties files makes it convenient to promote applications in different environments and changing such configurable properties without re-packaging the solution. I already explained in another… Read More »

MuleSoft Tutorial: Mule 4 Error Handling: On Error Continue, On Error Propagate, Global Error Handler, Try Scope Examples

Errors are possible in any system and we can’t simply avoid errors rather we can implement our solutions with errors addressed and mitigated using various error handling techniques. Mule 4 provides a rich set of options to deal with any error scenarios in your implementations. Mule 4 provides On Error Propagate, On Error Continue options… Read More »