How to Encrypt Password in TIBCO BW6 With Special Characters

By | November 18, 2021

TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x provides obfuscate utility with its bwadmin tool which can be used to obfuscate or encrypt passwords to use them securely in the configuration files. E.g. when you are setting up your BW Agent and adding configurations in bwagent.ini file with DBEMS as technology type, you will need to provide password for Database and EMS which you will prefer to add encrypted instead of plain text.

How to Obfuscate Password Using bwadmin utility in TIBCO BW 6 Using Obfuscate Command

In order to encrypt or obfuscate any password in TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x, you can use bwadmin CLI and run below command.

bwadmin obfuscate my-pass

The above command will obfuscate the password (my-pass) and you can use obfuscated/ecnrypted password in your configuration files.

How to Encrypt Password with Special Characters in TIBCO BW6 Using Obfuscate Command

It has been observed that if you have some special characters (e.g. $) in the password, obfuscate command with bwadmin CLI doesn’t create obfuscated password correctly using the above method. In such cases, you need to use single quote for your password otherwise you won’t get correct obfuscated password.

For example, if you want to encrypt the password Test$123 which contains $, you will have to use command as below:

bwadmin obfuscate ‘Test$123’

Once you have encrypted the password, you can use it in your configuration file (bwagent.ini) and it should work fine. If you want to decrypt or de-obfuscate the password, you can put your encrypted password in the global variable and then follow another tutorial explaining how to decrypt password from Global Variable in TIBCO Designer.

Note: I tried to obfuscate/encrypt password using bwobfuscator.exe and interestingly, this tool can encrypt or obfuscate password with special characters like the one above without any issues even without adding any quotes.

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