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SOA Design Principles : Learn Service Oriented Architecture

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) has remained a buzzword in the IT industry since so long. Discussions on architectural advancements in software industry are incomplete without discussing SOA and SOA Design Principles. In this article, I will discuss Service Oriented Architecture basics and SOA Design Principles will be discussed in detail.

SOAP Web Services Interview Questions and Answers

SOAP Web Services are widely used since long time for offering robust and platform independent operations in a client server architecture. Despite a growing popularity of REST services, SOAP still remains well adopted and It is very important and crucial for Integration Professionals to have sound knowledge, understanding and experience of developing and consuming SOAP… Read More »

An Overview of One-Way SSL and Two-Way SSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the standard technology used for enabling secure communication between a client and sever to ensure data security & integrity. SSL has evolved with time and several versions have been introduced to deal with any potential vulnerabilities. SSL V2 released in 1995 was the first public version of SSL followed by… Read More »

EAI Concepts: Understanding Enterprise Application Integration

In complex enterprises where a large number of heterogeneous systems and applications need to interact with each other in order to fulfil varied business needs; Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) principles and EAI tools & Technologies play a pivotal role. In this post, I am going to throw some light on different aspects of EAI, key… Read More »