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15 Most Popular TIBCO Tutorials on TutorialsPedia

Step by step TIBCO tutorials written by me on tutorialspedia.com have got a great public response and thousands of people have visited the blog posts and benefited from the tutorials so far. I have received a huge number of messages as well as comments from the audience with valuable inputs, suggestions and some great post… Read More »

Postman Collection Runner : Load Testing, Functional Testing

APIs are everywhere which are a basic building block of different applications from small, medium to large enterprise scale. Testing of these APIs is always a crucial yet critical part. A large set of free, open-source as well as proprietary tools are available for API testing. One such popular tool is Postman. Postman is a… Read More »

Kafka Vs Pulsar: Difference between Apache Kafka and Pulsar?

Event Streaming and messaging platforms play a key role in integration projects. This includes a plenty of use-cases including EDA (Event Driven Architecture), Microservices Architecture, IoT (Internet of Things) as well as message queueing and message publishing use-cases. Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar are among the major players in the world of Event Streaming and… Read More »

API Gateway vs Load Balancer: All You Need to Know

Web Applications or APIs expose over the network are exposed to a potentially huge network traffic as well as a wide range of security threats. In order to deal with such scenarios, various steps are taken. On the back-end side; scalability is achieved by forming a cluster of servers as per the expected load. With… Read More »

Postman OpenAPI Tutorial: Create API Specifications Using Postman

Postman is a popular tool used by software testing teams. It is more commonly used for REST APIs testing but the capabilities and features of this tool are not just limited to such testing. Postman provides rich set of features for API documentation as well. It can be used to Design APIs by creating API… Read More »

Kafka Interview Questions Answers for Developers

Kafka is a well known and widely used publish-subscribe messaging and event streaming system. It is used as a distributed messaging system in different types of projects to achieve real-time data streaming and messaging goals. Kafka skills are high in demand and it is among the much needed skills in the job market. In this… Read More »

RabbitMQ Interview Questions Answers

RabbitMQ is a popular open-source message broker. RabbitMQ is considered a vital skill for different Software related jobs specifically for Integration Developers and Integration architects. This RabbitMQ Interview Questions Answers article will help you in preparation of your job interview for RabbitMQ related jobs.

MuleSoft Interview Questions and Answers

MuleSoft Interview Questions and Answers covered in this article aim to help you crack Interview for MuleSoft Developer and related jobs. MuleSoft Developers and MuleSoft Architects are high in demand in the market due to growing popularity of MuleSoft in the integration world.

ActiveMQ Interview Questions and Answers: ActiveMQ Tutorial

ActiveMQ is a popular open-source Message Broker.  It is widely used for integration projects involving message based communication. For various jobs which involve Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), ActiveMQ is always among the top sought skills. Before going for an interview for any relevant integration role, this article about ActiveMQ Interview Questions and Answers will greatly… Read More »

MuleSoft RabbitMQ Integration Using AMQP Connector

MuleSoft RabbitMQ Integration is achieved using AMQP Connector. AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) is a messaging protocol for RabbitMQ together with various other supported protocols. In this article, I will explain how to Publish and Consume AMQP messages with RabbitMQ queues and exchanges using MuleSoft AMQP operations.

SOA Design Principles : Learn Service Oriented Architecture

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) has remained a buzzword in the IT industry since so long. Discussions on architectural advancements in software industry are incomplete without discussing SOA and SOA Design Principles. In this article, I will discuss Service Oriented Architecture basics and SOA Design Principles will be discussed in detail.