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MuleSoft Message Processors (Event Processors) Types

MuleSoft Integration AnyPoint Platform is widely used popular ESB which is used to integrate different types of systems & applications with its API-Led Connectivity approach and tons of enterprise features. The information that flows in these integration services is in the form of MuleSoft Messages containing message payloads and message headers and additional properties. MuleSoft… Read More »

MuleSoft Object Store V2 Tutorial : Object Store Connector Operations in Mule 4

For storing Objects in or across Mule Applications, Batch Processes and Components, Object Stores are used. MuleSoft Object Store lets you store data in the form of key value pairs and get it stored & retrieved through MuleSoft Object Store Connector. In this MuleSoft Object Store V2 Tutorial, you will learn basics of Object Store… Read More »

MuleSoft Java Module Tutorial : How to Invoke Java Methods

MuleSoft Java Module provides a set of operations which can be used to invoke methods from Java Classes in a very efficient and convenient manner. In this MuleSoft Java Module Tutorial, we will cover all available operations of this Java Module and you will learn how to invoke Static or Non-Static methods from a custom… Read More »

MuleSoft For Each Scope Tutorial: Collection Iteration in Mule 4 Using For Each Scope

When implementing message flows in MuleSoft Mule 4 using AnyPoint Studio, we often come across scenarios where we have to iterate on a large set of data in any type of collection (e.g. Arrays or Maps) and we are required to perform various operations on individual elements from the collection. This is where MuleSoft For… Read More »

MuleSoft Batch Processing Tutorial: Bulk Processing Using Batch Job With Batch Steps & Batch Aggregator

With various other powerful features and functionalities available in Mule 4, another popular and widely used functionality provided by Mule 4 is its Batch Processing capability which allows processing bulk data in batches in parallel in order to achieve better throughput and efficiency when dealing with large sets of data. In this tutorial, you will… Read More »

MuleSoft Scatter Gather Tutorial: How to Use Scatter Gather in Mule 4

Mule 4 is a widely used and a popular ESB which provides tons of features to assist in implementation of integration strategy for digital transformations. API Led Connectivity using MuleSoft Mule 4 greatly helps organizations to integrate heterogeneous set of systems & applications to achieve desired business goals. AnyPoint Studio which is an eclipse based… Read More »

MuleSoft Mule 4 Tutorial: How to Use Global Configurations for Environment Properties

In order to use different properties for various environments like Dev, QA, Prod etc. Mule 4 provides options to use separate properties files which helps promoting your solution to different environments in a more sophisticated and dynamic manner without re-packaging the solution or without creating the deployable artifacts again & again. In this tutorial and… Read More »