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REST API Best Practices to Design , Develop RESTful Services

REST ( Representational State Transfer) is a popular architectural style for developing integration and enabling transfer of data between the integrated systems or applications in a standardized manner. REST APIs also known as RESTful APIs are widely used in modern businesses to enable sharing digital assets capabilities to achieve diverse business goals. REST Services or… Read More »

Microservices Vs API: Difference Between APIs and Microservices Explained

APIs and Microservices have become a norm in the modern digital world where businesses are continuously moving towards their digital journey. Exposing Assets in the form of APIs and building applications in an agile, flexible and resilient manner are among the prime concerns for the organizations. That’s where APIs and Microservices come into the picture.… Read More »

API Security Best Practices : 8 Best Practices for APIs Security

With growing digital businesses and continuous evolution in the software and IT industry through Micro-Services Architectures, APIs Security is becoming a prime focus and API Security Best Practices have become a mandatory requirement to safeguard any organization’s digital assets. In this article, 8 Best Practices for Securing APIs are discussed in detail.