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How API Management Platforms Help Dealing with API Security Threats

API Management Platforms provide a rich set of features to help managing API Life Cycle in a more standardized manner starting from API design all the way to APIs Onboarding and Security. In order to protect digital assets which are exposed in the form of APIs, Security Threats are becoming a major concern with new… Read More »

API Security Best Practices : 8 Best Practices for APIs Security

With growing digital businesses and continuous evolution in the software and IT industry through Micro-Services Architectures, APIs Security is becoming a prime focus and API Security Best Practices have become a mandatory requirement to safeguard any organization’s digital assets. In this article, 8 Best Practices for Securing APIs are discussed in detail.

API Management Tutorial: API Management Best Practices

API Management with API Management Best Practices plays a very important role in any business with API-Led connectivity in order to ensure that APIs are exposed with a standardized approach by taking care of best practices for API Publishing, API Discovery, API Documentation, API Security, APIs Policy Enforcement, API gateway best practices, APIs analytics, APIs… Read More »

WSO2 API with C#.Net Back-end Service: 404 Error Reason and How to Resolve

While using WSO2 API Manager as API Management Platform and .Net based back-end REST Services, we were getting 404 error while same service was working fine when invoked directly from any client (e.g. postman) without involving WSO2 API Manager in the middle. In this post, I will explain what was the reason of this 404… Read More »

Video: What API Management Products Offer and Why API Management is Important

APIs and API Management is a buzz word for last many years and is evolving further with cloud, on-premise and hybrid options. There are many products offered by different software giants for API management with vast set of features with continuous evolution and upgrades as per market demands and requirements. In one of my previous… Read More »

API Design Best Practices and Design Principles

In one of my previous posts, I explained what API’s are and why API Management matters for an organization and why an organization should think seriously to invest in on-boarding some sophisticated API Management tool to better expose their APIs to the outer world and benefit from it. With API Management at the top, a… Read More »

Why API Management is Important for Any Organization?

APIs are everywhere and they are serving a diverse set of needs for heterogeneous set of customers by enabling developers to build applications using the APIs and entertain the end-user needs. The advent of API based development model has greatly transformed the architectural patterns with a more sophisticated approach of application development without re-invention of… Read More »

An Overview of API Management and How API Management Works

The term API is one of the most talked terms in the integration domain with the growth in service based business models and with growing need of an inter-connected Eco-system of software applications and IT systems. Whenever there is anything gaining widespread usage; management becomes a crucial need for it and same is the case… Read More »