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Kafka Vs Pulsar: Difference between Apache Kafka and Pulsar?

Event Streaming and messaging platforms play a key role in integration projects. This includes a plenty of use-cases including EDA (Event Driven Architecture), Microservices Architecture, IoT (Internet of Things) as well as message queueing and message publishing use-cases. Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar are among the major players in the world of Event Streaming and… Read More »

Kafka Vs RabbitMQ: A Comparison of Kafka and RabbitMQ

Kafka and RabbitMQ are popular products in the market fulfilling a wide set of use cases as message broker or event streaming platform. Despite the fact that these two open-source applications are fundamentally different from a variety of aspects, Kafka Vs RabbitMQ is a popular question among the people in IT industry when deciding applications… Read More »

Kafka Introduction, Kafka Architecture Overview, Use-Cases & and Basic Concepts Explanation

Apache Kafka is a widely used and popular open-source Event-Streaming & messaging system with capabilities to handle huge loads of data with its distributed, fault tolerant architecture. In this Kafka beginners tutorial, we will explain basic concepts of Kafka, how Kafka works, Kafka architecture and Kafka use-cases.