TIBCO BW5 & TIBCO BW6 XSD Tutorial: How to Create XML Schema in TIBCO BusinessWorks

XSD (XML Schema Definition) describes structure of an XML document and it outlines all details about the elements names, data types, constraints, parent child relationship etc.

In TIBCO BW5 and TIBCO BW6, XSDs are widely used during implementation of integration flows as we need to define structure of request and response XML files for our processes using XML Schema files.

This TIBCO BW XML Schema tutorial, explains how to create complex XSDs (XML Schema Definition Files) in TIBCO BW5 designer and in TIBCO BW6 Business Studio.

TIBCO BW5 How to Create Complex XSD (XML Schema)

In TIBCO BW5, you can create XSDs in Designer using graphical/visual or source based approach. XSD can be created by adding Schema from XML Tools Palette.

In case of Source based creation of XSDs, you can create XSD by directly updating source code. In case of graphical/visual approach, you get a more intuitive and user-friendly options to create XSD elements, Complex Types and applying different constraints & rules on your XML Schema elements.

Watch below video on YouTube channel of TutorialsPedia, explaining how to create complex XSD in TIBCO BW5.

TIBCO BW6 How to Create Complex XSD (XML Schema)

In TIBCO BW6, XSDs are defined/created in Business Studio by right clicking on a folder and choosing XML Schema File option. Graphical/Visual approach of defining Elements and Complex Types in BW6 is different than BW5. However, if you are from Java background with experience working on Eclipse, you will be able to grasp it very easily.

Watch below video on YouTube channel of TutorialsPedia, where I have explained how to create complex XML Schema (XSD) in TIBCO BW6.

Feel free to comment below if you have any ambiguities or any questions on this topic.

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