MuleSoft Mule 4 DataWeave Advanced Tutorial

By | March 10, 2021

Dataweave is a powerful MuleSoft expression language which provides tons of features for basic as well as complex data transformations while implementing integration flows in Mule 4. In a previous tutorial, I explained and demonstrated how to perform JSON and XML transformations using Dataweave where some basic concepts and simple transformations were done using Dataweave. In another tutorial, I explained how we can use map and mapObject in Mule 4 Dataweave to iterate on objects and object arrays.

In this tutorial, you will learn a little advanced dataweave concepts and will learn how to perform complex transformations and how to use various functions in Dataweave.

Mule 4 DataWeave Advanced Tutorial: Use Variables, Functions in JSON & XML Transformations in MuleSoft DataWeave

For this DataWeave tutorial, I have used DataWeave Playground provided by MuleSoft. Alternatively, you can practice the same in Transform Message Component in your AnyPoint Studio message flow.

After going through below video tutorial on TutorialsPedia YouTube channel, you will learn how to:

* Use DataWeave function OrderBy to sort data in Ascending and Descending Order.
* Use DataWeave GroupBy function to group objects in DataWeave output.
* Use DataWeave filter in DataWeave to filter specific data.
* Use DataWeave DistinctBy function to remove duplicates.
* Use custom functions in DW Scripts.
* Use DataWeave variables and also how to define local variables using do operator.
* How to transform from JSON to XML using DataWeave

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or any ambiguities on this topic. Also, refer to other videos in the PlayList to learn more about various features and functionalities available through MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform.

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