How To Send Email From TIBCO Using Send Mail Activity

TIBCO Business Works provides options to send Email from business processes in designer. You can send email using your own SMTP server details or by using some other free SMTP services.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how you can send Email to any email address by using a free SMTP server


Step 1: Register for a free SMTP Account on

To send emails from your Tibco process, you need to have SMTP host name, IP address, Username and Password. Using Gmail SMTP for sending email from Tibco Process involves many complexities including STARTTLS errors. So, I decided to use free SMTP service of

Note: If you are interested to know how Gmail SMTP based TIBCO process is implemented, You can refer to my below video tutorial where I explained how to use Gmail SMTP in TIBCO BW6.

BW6 Gmail SMTP Video Tutorial

First sign up for an account on this site to get required details for Mail Activity configuration.

Step 2: Create Tibco Process to Send Email

After having SMTP Host, Port, User and Password details, we need to create a process in TIBCO for sending email. In this tutorial, I have created a process which reads contents from a text file and sends it as email body.

In the process following activities are used after Start Activity:

  • Read File Activity
  • Send Mail Activity

Send Mail Activity is available in Mail Resources as shown below:

tibco Send Mail Activity

I have created a file mailbody.txt in which I have written text which will be sent ad email body. Read File activity is configured to read the file as shown below:


In configuration of Send Mail activity, I have given Host, Port, User and Password as shown below. Use same username and password which you used for in step 1.

mail configuration


In input tab of Send Mail Activity configuration, we specify sender (our own email address), receiver email address, email subject, body etc. In the body, I have mapped output of Read File activity.

maininput configuration


Step 3: Test Process to Send Email from Tibco

Now validate the process and if it has no validation errors, we are all set to send email from our Tibco process. Using Designer Tester, test the process. If all transitions turn green, it means we have successfully sent email from our process

tibco sending email



Ajmal Abbasi

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14 thoughts on “How To Send Email From TIBCO Using Send Mail Activity

  1. Senzo

    Great Tutorial, thank you. Could you create a receive mail tutorial.

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  3. Alex Panganiban

    I enjoyed your “Send Mail from TIBCO using the Send Mail Activity” tutorial. Your tutorial really helped me to figure out how to send emails that don’t have any variable data in the body, however, I also need to learn how to create emails that contain variables whose values will change over and over again. Is there a quick way to do this using the Send Mail Activity?

    Thank you so much!

  4. Tariq


    How can i send many record result from database ?

    thank you

  5. Saurabh Varshneya

    This was a very helpful post to use send mail activity for testing purposes.Thanks.
    Abbas, i am facing a issue while sending email as pdf attachment using mime header with binary content,
    The probem i am facing is that in bw 5.10 the pdf attchment in the mail comes as empty, while in bw5.7 its working fine. Do you have any idea about it.

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  8. nani

    i tried this i am getting connection timed out error…with this hodt and port..please help

  9. Ali

    i have this error in the connection with Could not resolve mail server host name [] please help!

  10. alfonso

    esto funciona para correos de gmail y hotmail? con que puertos por favor?
    This works for gmail and hotmail emails? With which ports please

  11. VKrishna

    Hi Guys,

    Can we send an excel file as email attachement in tibco BW using send mail activity? If yes, Please assist.


  12. Sandhya

    how to send email to gmail account. Do we need to install SMTP server? which one?


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