How to Install TIBCO BW Agent (bwagent) as Windows Service

By | July 26, 2021

When adding machines to TIBCO BW 6 agents network, BW Agent needs to be started in each machine. BW Agent (bwagent) can be started through command line & for a more convenient manner, you can install bwagent as a Windows Service so that it can be started & stopped just like any other Windows Service.

How to Start TIBCO BW6 BW Agent (bwagent) in Console through Command Line

In order to run bwagent from command line, you can simply run below command:

bwagent startagent

In order to run above command, make sure that you are in the directory TIBCO_HOME/bw/6.x/bin as bwagent.exe is available in this path.

How to Install TIBCO 6 BW Agent (bwagent) as Windows Service

If you want to install TIBCO BW6 Agent (bwagent) as a Windows Service, you need to follow the steps as below:

  • Update bwagent.tra file by adding following lines: BW6 Agent

Make sure that you add above line by adding correct path to TIBCO_HOME and also specify correct version (I have specified 6.x).

  • You need to replace existing bwagent.exe file with a different one. For this purpose, first backup existing bwagent.exe file by renaming it to something else (e.g. bwagent_old.exe)

bwagent.exe will be in the path %TIBCO_HOME%/bw/6.x/bin

  • Now you need to copy pwrap.exe file from the path (%TIBCO_HOME%/tools/wrapper/64 or %TIBCO_HOME%/tools/wrapper/32 depending on your machine)
  • Place the copied pwrap.exe in the path %TIBCO_HOME%/bw/6.x/bin and rename it to bwagent.exe
  • Now run the below command to install bwagent as Windows Service

bwagent.exe –install

Once you have installed TIBCO BW 6 Agent (bwagent) as Windows Service, you should be able to see it in your Services with the same name as provided in bwagent.tra file. You can start and stop bwagent from there.

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  1. Ashutosh

    I got below error while installing BW agent
    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks version 6.5.0, build V63, 2018-08-08
    Command not found: -install


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