How to Enable TLS V 1.2 in TIBCO BW 5

Data integrity and security is among the top concerns when it comes to integrate diverse applications and systems communicating through public internet with significant potential threats from the cyber attackers. To deal with this, SSL is used which is a standard technology for enabling encrypted secured communication between the two parties. SSL has also gone through various steps of evolution to mitigate the vulnerabilities identified and to introduce more security sophistication in it. This resulted in introduction of various new versions starting from SSL 1.0 (which wasn’t publicly released), SSL 2.0 in 1995, SSL 3.0 in 1996, TLS V1.0 in 1996, TLS V1.1 in 2006 and TLSV1.2 in 2008. In this post, I will talk about how you can  Enable TLS V 1.2 in TIBCO BW 5 (BW 5.13).

For the integration solutions developed using TIBCO BW 5.XX, we can add security using these SSL variants. TIBCO BW 5.13 supports TLSV.12 as well but by default it uses TLS V1.0. There can be scenarios where you need to interact with a party which doesn’t support any TLS Version lower than TLS 1.2, so in that case you will have to do the necessary changes so that this version of TLS is used.

For Enabling TLS V1.2 in TIBCO BW 5.13, add the following in bwengine.tra file(available in the path TIBCO_HOME\bw\5.13\bin) :





For testing it in debug mode in designer, you need to add the same in designer.tra as well.

After adding the above in the .tra file, restart your engine so that the change takes effect and TLS 1.2 is enabled for future communication.

Ajmal Abbasi

Ajmal Hussain Abbasi is Integration Consultant By Profession with 12+ years experience in Integration domain mainly with TIBCO products. He has extensive practical knowledge of TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Cloud, TIBCO Flogo, TIBCO Mashery, TIBCO Spotfire, EMS and TIBCO ActiveSpaces. He has worked on a number of highly critical integration projects in various sectors by using his skills in TIBCO Flogo, TIBCO API Management (Mashery), TCI, Tibco Designer, TIBCO Business Studio, Adapters, TIBCO EMS, RV, Administrator, TIBCO BE, TIBCO ActiveSpaces etc. Ajmal Abbasi has experience with MuleSoft ESB as well. Ajmal Abbasi is also experienced in the area of API Management particularly with WSO2 API management platforms. Ajmal Abbasi is also experienced in developing solutions using Core Java and J2EE Technologies. You can contact Ajmal Abbasi for Consultancy, Technical Assistance and Technical Discussions.

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9 thoughts on “How to Enable TLS V 1.2 in TIBCO BW 5

  1. Mike

    Thanks for sharing, Ajmal! In order to run locally in Designer I also had to add the same to designer.tra, but this post got me on the right track.

  2. Raghav Aggarwal

    thanks ajmal! can we do tls 1.2 changes specific to a Http soap call

    1. Shinil

      TLS 1.2 is supported from 5.12 (with hotfix). 5.13 and above comes with out of box TLS1.2 support.

  3. Enes

    Hi Giuseppe,
    Did you find a solution for 5.9.3? I am facing same problem 🙁

  4. Rodney

    Hi Ajmal,

    I am using the following TIBCO 5 Products in my Linux Server:

    Could you please tell me where else I need to add the java property line in the config files for the TLS v1.2 to support TIBCO 5 poducts apart from bw and designer?


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