TIBCO HAWK Top Interview Questions and Answers

By | November 25, 2014

After writing TIBCO BW Interview Questions, TIBCO BE Interview Questions, TIBCO EMS Interview questions and various other topics interview questions answers on my blog; some people asked me to write Top Interview Questions and answers for TIBCO HAWK as well.

This post is being written to cover TIBCO HAWK interview questions for those who are preparing for TIBCO Hawk Interviews.

Q: What is TIBCO HAWK Agent and what role it plays in HAWK monitoring?

Ans:  HAWK agent is a key part of TIBCO HAWK Product Suit and it does all the required monitoring by using the rules defined in the Rulebase file. HAWK agent runs on each such machine where hawk rulebase monitoring is needed.


Q: What is HAWK Rulebase?

Ans: Hawk Rulebase is a set of rules which are used for monitoring applications and system’s behavior. Rules defined in a rulebase include rule conditions and associated actions which needs to be performed. HAWK agent utilizes rulebase file for monitoring purposes.


Q: What are types of actions which can be performed for a certain rule condition?

Ans: For any rule defined in TIBCO HAWK, we can have any of the following types of action performed:

  • Alert (Generating Alert Messages)
  • Execute (to execute certain commands or scripts)
  • Notification (To send action notifications)
  • Method (To execute some microagent method as an action)
  • Email (to send an email as an action)


Q: What is purpose of TIBCO HAWK Display?

Ans: Hawk Display is a graphical tool which is used to view active agents in the network and allows creation of new rulebases or addition of rules in an existing rulebase.


Q: What are benefits of using TIBCO HAWK for monitoring?

Ans:  TIBCO HAWK based monitoring of systems and applications in a distributed environment helps in dealing with any unexpected or unwanted situations and enables operational teams to take any required measures to avoid any major losses in terms of data and revenue.

TIBCO HAWK works on distributed rulebased monitoring principles with a low network traffic and optimized use of network bandwidth.


Q: Describe an example scenario for defining HAWK Rule based monitoring.

Ans: Depending on your business flows and business criticality of your applications; hawk rules can be defined for different scenarios. One example scenario can be to create rules for System memory utilization and generate necessary laerts (e.g. Email notifications) when memory usage exceeds a certain threshold.


Q: How we can check HAWK Alerts in TIBCO Administrator?

Ans:  TIBCO Administrator provides Monitoring Management module which can be used to view all alerts as well as all features of HAWK Console including its micro agents and their methods.


Q: What are HAWK Microagents? Describe microagent methods.

Ans:  TIBCO  Hawk Micro Agents are objects that acts as data source  and supports various methods for each type of micro agent which can be used to monitor application and services behavior.

Micro agents communicate with different types of managed objects through its methods to get required information for monitoring purposes. This includes operating system objects, files objects etc.


Q:  What is the usage of TIBCO HAWK Event Source?

Ans: TIBCO Hawk Event Service is a console API based application which can be used to record the activities reported by hawk agents in log files. HAWK Event Source can also be configuredto take rule based action in response to different hawk events.

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