TIBCO BW Groups And Group Action Types

By | February 20, 2014

Grouping different activities in a single group is a common approach for clubbing the similar activities while developing TIBCO BW processes in TIBCO Designer. Grouping is done in TIBCO BW Processes to achieve following purposes:

  • To apply certain group actions for two or more activities.
  • To have single transition from a set of activities to another group or individual activity.
  • To perform certain actions iteratively for X number of times.

There are different types of Group Actions in TIBCO BW which can be used while grouping activities in TIBCO Designer processes:

None:  None group action is used for grouping without looping. In this case, activities inside the group will be carried out only once no matter it succeeds or fails.
Transaction Groups:  Used to group activities that participate in a transaction. Eg. JDBC group activities
Iterate Loop:  Iterate Loop group action is used to iterate a group once for every item in a list. Iteration can be for any number of times depending on the loop condition specified.
Repeat Until True Loop:  Used to iterate a group until the specified condition is true.
Repeat On Error Until True Loop: Used to iterate a group when an error occurs. This continuous iteration will continue to happen until the condition becomes true. Upon true condition, process will continue forward from the group activities.
If Groups: To conditionally execute business logic
While True Groups: Repeats the series of grouped activities as long as the given condition evaluates as true.
Critical Section: Used to synchronize process instances so that only one process instance executes the grouped activities at any given time.
Pick First: Allow process execution to wait for one or more events

Ajmal Abbasi

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One thought on “TIBCO BW Groups And Group Action Types

  1. Muthu

    Hi Ajmal,

    I am copying the data from one queue to another queue in a sub-process. To achieve this, I have planned to use BW Group.
    I need to exit the group once the queue is empty. I am not able to find a way to get the queue count from BW. Please let me know is there way to do or any work around?


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