TIBCO Administrator Top Interview Questions and Answers

By | May 24, 2015

TIBCO Administrator is a GUI based tool that is used to deploy and configure applications, manage resources, manage users and perform various other administrative operations in a TIBCO environment by the operational resources.

Understanding TIBCO Administrator is a key requirement for jobs related to operational support and administration. Keeping in mind the importance of TIBCO administrator from the interview perspective; I am writing this post with top interview questions answers for TIBCO administrator.

What is TIBCO Administrator?

TIBCO administrator is Graphical web based tool provided by TIBCO for performing a number of administrative tasks in a TIBCO domain including applications deployment, configuration, user management, resource management and monitoring management.

How applications are deployed using TIBCO administrator?

Applications in the form of EARs can be deployed using application management module of TIBCO administrator.

What is the relationship between TIBCO Administrator and TIBCO domains?

A TIBCO Domain is a collection of hardware and software components that are used for business process integration. Domains are created using domain utility provided by TRA. Applications are deployed in a domain using TIBCO administrator. One domain can be administered by only one TIBCO administrator.

What are the functionality provided by User Management module of TIBCO administrator?

User management module of TIBCO administrator provides options for adding new users and specifying roles for the users. User management module also provides options for security setting for various resources at user level.

How Domains communicate with TIBCO administration server?

Communication between domain and administration server can be set to use either TIBCO RV (Rendezvous) or EMS as transport.

What are the main responsibilities of TIBCO administration server?

Below are the main tasks of administration domain:

  • Provides security features for domains
  • Provides options for Fault Tolerance and Load balancing.
  • Manages storage of data for administration domains.
  • Manages transport options for applications deployed in a domain.

How we can monitor applications deployed using TIBCO administrator?

Monitoring of the applications is done using the hawk agent provided by each administration server. Hawk agent uses rules configured in the rulebases to monitor the applications deployed.

How we can see Installed Software using TIBCO administrator and enable/disable them?

Installed softwares can be seen using Resource Management module of TIBCO administrator. We can enable or disable any software from the same window.

Howe we can deploy services in Fault Tolerant mode using TIBCO administrator?

If more than one machines are added to a domain; a service can be deployed in Fault Tolerant machine to those machines by selecting the respective machines during the deployment.

How Process Instances execution can be controlled by TIBCO administrator?

Process instances execution can be controlled by using MAX JOBS, FLOW LIMIT and ACTIVATION LIMIT options  by selecting the process archive in the Configuration Builder.


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4 thoughts on “TIBCO Administrator Top Interview Questions and Answers

  1. Kishor Ugale

    Hi All,
    How to create the Groups in Tibco Administrator for users in user module.

    Many Thanks in Advance.

  2. Jyothi kolli

    These questions are really useful to me could you please provide more details regrading tibco admin like load balancing ,hawk alerts..thank you for providing this information.

    1. Kishor Ugale

      HI Jyothi,

      Load balancer is used to distribute the load of in coming flow requested , BW services can be deployed in Load balancer mode, in this case the complete load not put on single service or server and in coming flow request flow will be distribute in round robin format, mostly for BW, BPM, MDM and FOM Product Load balancer is used, it is also come under the part of performance Tuning,

      Hawk Alerts are set for monitoring the Tibco BW running services, checking the pending message on queue, doing start and stop of Tibco BW services, so First need to create the hawk rule in HAWK display, it contain the Hawk maicroagent, Methods and parameters, we can set the condition in hawk rules, the created hawk rules we called as hrb file(Hawk rule base) and set for the services and it put into tibco_home\tra\domain\Domain_name\configfile.

      for more details, you can search on GOOGLE,

  3. Mayur Andade

    Hi All,

    please explain me the difference between MAX JOBS, FLOW LIMIT and ACTIVATION LIMIT .
    and what value we need to set for this three parameters and where and how to set it.


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