How to Create MD5 Encrypted Password for Tomcat Users

By | August 12, 2016

While setting up TIBCO HAWK web console, authentication type can be chosen as FILE, DATABASE or LDAP to authenticate the users from a file, database or from Active directory respectively.

For FILE authentication type; users are saved in hawk_users.xml file while in case of DATABASE authentication type; users credentials are stored in a database table HAWK_USERS.

In both cases, by default user password is saved in Plain Text which is not secure. To store the passwords in an encrypted manner, we can opt for a digest like MD5.

How to Encrypt Password in Tomcat with MD5

You can use digest.bat or (for windows and Linux respectively) which is available in the path %TIBCO_HOME%/hawk/<VERSION>/webconsole/tomcat/bin location.

Below is the command to digest a password:

digest.bat -a MD5 tutorialspedia

tibco tomcat md5 encryption


-a specifies the encryption algorithm to be used. tutorialspedia is the password string to be encrypted.

This encrypted MD5 password can be saved in hawk_users.xml file or database table for a user to login to Hawk Web Console.

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  1. Anish

    Thanks for the information, Ajmal.

    I want to know if we can use other encryption methods as well in this command?


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