TIBCO BW: Benefits of Using Chekpoint Activity

By | January 17, 2014

While developing TIBCO BW processes in designer, Checkpoint activity available in General Activities is one of the widely used activities. This activity is used to tackle failure scenarios.

Using Checkpoint activity in TIBCO Designer processes you can achieve following benefits:

  • In case of a process engine failure, all process instances can be recovered and resume execution at the location of their last checkpoint in the process definition.
  • Any data being manipulated or created inside business processes at run time doesn’t get lost and same can be re-used once engine resumes its working.
  • Overall load on the network may also be reduced by using check pointing as requests don’t need to be re-sent from the source system in case of failures.

In the below example business process, checkpoint activity is used after receiving RV message. So if process engine crashes at any point after this checkpoint activity, it will resume from this checkpoint after recovery.

tibco checkpoint and confirm activity example

Ajmal Abbasi

Ajmal Hussain Abbasi is Integration Consultant By Profession with more than 7 years experience in TIBCO products. He has extensive practical knowledge of TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO BE, EMS and TIBCO ActiveSpaces. He has worked on a number of highly critical integration projects in Telecom sector by using his skills in Tibco Designer, Adapters, TIBCO EMS, RV, Administrator, TIBCO BE, TIBCO ActiveSpaces etc.
Ajmal Abbasi is also experienced in developing solutions using Oracle PL/Sql, Linux and Java.
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4 thoughts on “TIBCO BW: Benefits of Using Chekpoint Activity

  1. darshan

    What will happen if crash occur after checkpoint but before confirm…it will send the confirmation again …how to avoid this scenario

  2. Ganesh

    we start the process which is in a process archive and it keeps running.
    Many messages are getting processed on a day- say 50 000 messages
    Right after receiving a message in JMS Queue receiver we have check point.
    Say we would have 50,000 Check pointed processes?

    2. What if on the second day the process crashes. would it process those 50,000 Messages again?

  3. Venkata Satyanarayana Challa

    Hi Ajmal,

    All your simplicity in lectures help us a lot. Could you please help us by giving a lecture on important activities of General Activities Palette.

    Venkata Challa

  4. satya prasad

    Hi ajmal,

    Can we use check point while using HTTP activites


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