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SOAP Vs REST: Developing Web Services in TIBCO

After writing Step by Step tutorials on Developing SOAP HTTP Web Service in TIBCO, SOAP JMS Web Service in TIBCO and RESTFul Web Service in TIBCO, some people asked me to write about differences between SOAP and RESTful Web services and also about Pros and Cons of using SOAP or RESTful web services in TIBCO.… Read More »

TIBCO EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Architectural Decision Making

TIBCO is widely used for integration of enterprise applications in different organizations where heterogeneous business systems are in use. An efficient, maintainable integration with flexibility of future changes and adaptation is a key requirement when it comes to complex systems integration in any organization. In this post, I am going to discuss about different protocols… Read More »

TIBCO Web Services: Top Interview Questions and Answers

Web Service Development in TIBCO is one of the key topic that becomes a prime focus when you go for an Interview for a TIBCO developer position in any organization. Keeping that in mind, I am writing this post that covers TIBCO Web services related top interview questions with their answers. You can also refer to… Read More »