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TIBCO Send Mail Tutorial: How to Send Email With Multiple Attachments in TIBCO BW

In one of my previous tutorials, I explained step by step how we can use Send Mail Activity from Mail Palette to send email from TIBCO BW process. This tutorials is an extension to that tutorial as I am going to explain in this tutorial how to send email from tibco process with multiple attachments.

TIBCO Custom Palette and Custom Activity Tutorial

TIBCO provides a large number of activities grouped into different palettes which can be used to design BW processes to achieve certain business functions. TIBCO also enables users to create their own custom activities which refer to some business process which has underlying implementation for the custom activity. Custom activity once created can be added… Read More »

TIBCO For Each Group Tutorial: Removing Duplicate Data

While dealing with files data in TIBCO BW, you often come across situations where large files have duplicate data and you want to process only duplicate-free data. In this step by step TIBCO tutorial, I will explain how we can read data from a file, parse the data based on a data format and then… Read More »

SOAP Event Source Tutorial: How to Expose a Process as Web Service in TIBCO

After writing complete step by step tutorials on developing SOAP Over HTTP and SOAP over JMS web services in TIBCO; I am now going to write this step by step tutorial in which I will explain how to expose a TIBCO BW process as a web service operation using SOAP Palette activities like SOAP Event… Read More »

Tibco Group Tutorial: How To Loop and Run a Group For Specific Number of Iterations

In TIBCO designer processes, Groups are often used for iterations and running a group of activities (or sometimes even a single activity) for a specific number of times. In this step by step tibco tutorial, I will teach you how you can run a loop for X number of times in TIBCO using group looping.

TIBCO Tutorial: How to Read CSV File In TIBCO BW Process

In my previous tutorial, I taught you step by step how to create csv file in TIBCO designer and now in this tutorial, you will learn how to read a CSV file using TIBCO Designer. After completing this tutorial you will be able to: Create a new data format. Parse CSV file using Parse Data… Read More »

TIBCO Tutorial: Create CSV File In TIBCO Designer BW Process

In this TIBCO step by step tutorial, I will explain how you can create a CSV file in TIBCO BW process using designer which you can later read and modify using Excel. CSV file will be created based on the records fetched from a database table.