Ledger Files and TIBCO Certified Messaging

By | February 22, 2014

TIBCO Certified Messaging is one way to achieve guaranteed delivery of messages In TIBCO RV communication.

Delivery of each and every message sent from a RV publisher towards its subscribers is guaranteed in case of Certified RV messaging. Certified RV Messaging is the best option for data critical applications where loss of any data during message sending can’t be afforded.

How Certified RV Messaging Works in TIBCO?

Acknowledgements approach is used in Certified messaging to ensure delivery of every message to the intended recipient. Every Certified Subscriber first registers/subscribes itself with the Publisher on certain topic of its interest.

In TIBCO Certified RV messaging, RV Publisher uses Ledger file to store the messages sent. Message is kept in the ledger file till the time an acknowledgement is received from the RV subscriber. Once acknowledgement is received from the subscriber, message is removed from the ledger file immediately.

RV Message storing in Ledger Files:

Ledger can be either in memory or file based. If you opt for memory based ledger, all unacknowledged messages will be lost in case of any process/engine crash. However, if you use file based ledgers, you can achieve persistence and ledger messages will remain safe even if process/engine crashes.

File based ledgers can be safer with respect to process/engine crashes but they also associate possible file corruption risks.

Ledger file size can grow considerably high in the environments where huge traffic of RV messages is flowing. In case of memory based ledger, memory size should be given due consideration while taking Ledger type decision. Also, in case of file based ledger, sufficient disk space should be allocated to avoid any space issues.

In case of file ledger, It is also essential that ledger file is stored in local file system so that it can be accessed faster during process flows. Using network based file storage for ledger can slow down the performance of RV based messaging systems.

Ledger File Location in TIBCO:

By default ledger file is stored at the path home/TRA/domain/<domain_name>/application/<application_name>/ledger

Location of Ledger file can be specified in the Global Variable DirLedger during application deployment in TIBCO administrator.

How to read TIBCO Ledger File?

If ledger file is getting too long due to a number of nonresponsive RV subscribers, you may think of going through the ledger file to identify such subscribers so that necessary steps may be taken to avoid further growth of unacknowledged messages in Tibco ledger files. One such need can be to make such subscribers removed/unregistered immediately.

You can read TIBCO ledger file using TIBCO Ledger Editor Tool. You can also use some editor like Edit Plus.

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