Fundamentals of TIBCO RV: How TIBCO RV Works?

By | March 10, 2014

What is TIBCO RV?

TIBCO RV (Rendezvous) is used for message communication among different enterprise applications for Enterprise Application’s Integration (EAI).

TIBCO RV works on the principle of subject based messaging in which messages are sent and received by different systems based on the subjects of interest. A daemon process known as RVD (Rendezvous Daemon) is used to receive the messages published on a particular RV subject. Those interested to subscribe to the message, express their interest to RVD by subscribing to that subject.

There are two modes of RV communication supported by TIBCO:

  1. Reliable RV
  2. Certified RV

How Reliable RV Works?

In case of Reliable RV communication in TIBCO, there is no certification mechanism used and messages not received by the subscribers are lost without maintaining any ledgers. Reliable RV doesn’t provide guaranteed message delivery and hence it is not a preferred choice for data critical applications.

Reliable RV protocol is implemented in RV Daemon (RVD). In case of Reliable RV, message retention is limited to duration of effective reliability duration.

How Certified RV Works?

TIBCO certified RV is a guaranteed message delivery mechanism in which messages published by a certified publisher are backed up in a ledger file till the time a receipt notification is received from the subscriber.  TIBCO supports both in memory ledgers as well as file based ledgers.

Certified RV in TIBCO is implemented at TIBRVCM. As notification is required for every message received by a subscriber, TIBCO Certified RV has additional overheads and hence it consumes more network bandwidth. Certified RV is not a recommended approach if your application is more time critical than data critical.


Ajmal Abbasi

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