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Step By Step Tutorial: Call Oracle API from Java Code

While working on software development projects; there can be scenarios where you need to call Oracle API’s from Java code. In this step by step tutorial; I will explain how we can call Oracle Stored Procedure from Java Code.

JAVA Complete Code to Resize Images

While working with applications involving Photos, we may come across a situation where the actual photo size is not as per our need and we need to resize the images to meet the dimension needs while maintaining the aspect ratio without losing the picture quality. In java, we can make use of image editing features… Read More »

JAVA JSP Hibernate Step By Step Tutorial With Oracle Database

In this step by step JAVA tutorial, I am going to explain in details how to create a MVC (Model View Controller) based web application in JAVA using JSP as front end technology, Hibernate technology for persistence at Model Layer to store data to and fetch data from Oracle database, Servlets as Controllers and JAVA… Read More »

JAVA Code to Rename Files in Bulk in a Folder

While developing a JAVA application, you may come across a scenario where you have a large number of files in a folder which don’t have required naming standards or conventions that you are in need of. In such a situation, you will wish to have a piece of code that can rename all the files… Read More »

JAVA Programming Best Practices

Programming in any language should be done in accordance with the standards and best practices should be followed in order to ensure that developed code is maintainable, re-usable, extendable and presentable. In this post, I am going to talk about JAVA Programming Best Practices. However, many of the things discussed here will be true in… Read More »